Your secret worries about how to

grow your business are long gone.

Struggling to learn marketing or find clients is a thing of the past.

You’re about to become the new “IT” in your niche…

and you’ve long deserved to be here.


You have an amazing product or service you’re excited to deliver,

but your customers base is, well…crickets.

It’s keeping you up at night and you’re spending way too much time trying to learn something (marketing) you just don’t have interest or skill in. After all, you didn’t start your business to become a branding + marketing expert, did you?

You’ve probably purchased one too many tools, courses, or systems and the overwhelm of figuring it all out is costing you time and bucket-loads of money you didn’t plan on spending.

Each new Facebook ad promising floods of leads and customers diverts you on a new path with a new tool. It’s also giving you doubt that your business will even be successful.

You’re not alone.

It’s so tempting to drop down the ladder into “do-it-yourself” mode and think it will cost you less. Truthfully, it’s costing you way more than you think, in time and lost potential revenue. Add to that the frustration of learning entirely new skills and it’s a one-two gut punch to your creativity and confidence.

Our team is ready to create your Brand Story + Lead Gen Machine, giving you the freedom from tech you have so longed for and the increase in leads, audience & exposure you need.

Audience Growth

You've Wished For

Tired of posting to crickets? Feel like every minute on social media is a waste of time? Because it is. For you. Stay in your zone of genius and let us do what we do best: draw people to you with expertly crafted copy & marketing that converts.

An Online Experience Your Visitors Devour.

You’ve been on the sites that draw you in and keep you scrolling. We probably created them. The words, graphics, and story keep your visitors interested and coming back for more. The goal? Leads & Sales. PERIOD.

Graphics That Stimulate and Communicate.

Professionally designed graphics communicate professionalism and success. They make you stand out and ahead of the competition. They also capture attention and draw in more interest, growing your audience.

Bright Ideas

Ever hear “It takes two to Tango?”. Power is generated when you’ve got two. Your Brand Genius will work with you to put your Bright Ideas into effect, creating a sensient experience for your visitors, drawing them in further and further until they are compelled to do business with you. Hypnotic? Maybe? Irresistable? For sure.


And More Of It.

We’ll say it when others won’t. Your BRAND ASSETS, WEBSITE and DESIGN should make you more moola, not rob the bank. It’s an investment that pays, not an expense that doesn’t. All the courses, tools & systems you’ve stacked up should earn you more than they cost you, but the odds are they aren’t. It’s time to change that with an expertly crafted Brand Story + Marketing Plan.

Drive the Conversation...

And Let Others Follow

AI makes getting leads, communicating to them and converting them into customers way easier.

Welcome to 2024 and our cutting edge systems that help you never lose a sale again. Instantly capture leads and start converting them into customers instantaneously...even while you sleep or are working with other customers.

Social Media is every businesses greatest funnel. There’s millions of users, easily accessible, just waiting for a piece of brilliant content to latch onto. This is where our team of 20-somethings creates a flood of “give me more” connections.

Your time should be spent working ON your business

CEO’ing Your Business

Doing Your Craft

Creating Your Products

Selling & Delivering

That’s what brings in the cash. Anything else is costing you big time. Every minute spent learning something out of your zone of expertise is costing you growth and customers. PERIOD.It’s the truth and you know it.

There’s an Eve-like temptress whispering in your head that you can “save” money doing it yourself. Yes, you’ll keep a few grand in your pocket, but all the revenue you could be making is blowing in the wind. There’s lost time, lost momentum, and all the frustration that comes from doing something you weren’t meant to do.

Stay in your lane and let our genius team of Brand Crafters and Web Artists create your online real estate with expert precision, stellar tech and envy-worthy creatives.

Your all-inclusive branding & digital marketing agency.

How we are different

Our Digital Marketing Agency and design team aren’t just looking to create a logo or construct a website.

Our personalized, creative process is designed to create a story that draws an audience to you, with the ultimate goal of creating more revenue for your business.

Brand Builder Design Studios was founded by Shannon Lavenia, a Business Organization & Expansion Strategist. Her genius is in scaling businesses, which is the purpose of all we do.

Our Services

Brand Creation

Logo Design

Web Design

Funnel Design

Course Setup

Brand and Marketing Strategy

Content Creation

Podcast Management

AI Automations + Bots

Lead Generation

E-Book Creation

Business Coaching

From Our Clients

Our business wouldn't exist without amazing clients we can help create Obsession-Worthy Brands. Our success is solely measured on the amazing testimonials and referrals we receive. We look forward to getting one from you! Here's what a few of our amazing clients have had to say.


Roni & George Scott, Online Marketing

"The team at Brand Builder Design Studio produce the most amazing outcomes, are totally professional and an absolute delight to work with. Using the assets they have provided, our business is growing exponentially."


Karla Silver, Top Producer Academy

"Brand Builder Design Studios is my go to for any of my design needs. I'm so confident in them I've had them speak at our events & also refer my own students to them."


Elizabeth Sinclair,

The Way To Wealth

"Shannon, John and their fantastic team are amazing! They've helped me with funnels, automations and creative aspects of my brand and business, and make everything much easier."


Yossi Moskowitz

"Working with Shannon and John was a game changer for my business. They have all the expertise and resources that I needed to skyrocket my online business"


The first step is a free consultation so we can learn about your business, your current positioning online, the challenges you have faced, and the goals you want to accomplish. Our team is ready to create some online magic and this first call is the launchpad.

Just in case you're wondering, this is not a sales call, it's an insight call and the goal is to fully understand your business, needs and wants.

To learn more about our pricing and model, click HERE.

Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency. We specialize in proven Business Coaching, Branding for Business Coaches, Professional Web Design, SEO, Social Media Management, and sizzling Logo Design. We proudly serve the greater Tampa, FL and Clearwater, FL markets, and beyond.



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