Laquita Brooks came to us with the dream + goal to expand her online presence and build a successful speaking + coaching practice.







Project Management

Branding + Design

Video Production



Laquita hired us as her design team + business strategy coach. The process started by analyzing where her business was at the moment we started and what her ultimate goal was. We then mapped out a complete strategy for Branding, Marketing, Course Creation, and Speaking Engagements.

Laquita moves a mile a minute and owns several businesses, including real estate and a delivery company. Her passion lies in helping women overcome their feelings of fear and doubt to create greater success. Her story is amazing, turning her life around from a teenage single mom to success multi-preneur.

Laquita now has a powerful positioning statement and concise marketing plan that is growing her audience, gaining influence, and launched her coaching business

Business Strategy

We eliminated the confusion Laquita had about her next steps and developed a concise plan of action that developed her BRAND and grew her audience.

Offer Planning + Creation

We mapped out and created Laquita’s list building offer + initial course offering. This is in alignment with her plan to speak around the US in 2020. Additionally, we crafted her coaching offerings in alignment with her unique ability to help women SHIFT to power.

Media Planning

Using Laquita’s life experiences, we created a media guide to highlight her ability to hep women achieve greater success.

Web Development +

Social Media

We created a new site for Laquita with a unique visual BRAND and aligned it with her social media. With our Social Media Marketing strategy, we achieve results of 2000%+ on her growth and engagement.

Email List Building

Using free offers and Facebook ads, we helped Laquita grow her list 143% in 60 days.

Brand Redesign

Laquita’s previous Brand was confusing and poorly designed. her website had numerous errors and wasn’t set up to drive people to opt-in to her e-mail list. Her current redesign has a page for media inquiries, a free book offer and prompts visitors to schedule a free SHIFT call for her coaching business.

Content Driven

Laquita’s site is set up with a blog and email opt-ins. We created a content plan so that Laquita is providing quality content to her audience each week, with a relevant freebie. Her site visits have increased over 400%.

Promotion Driven

In addition to doing a complete Brand Strategy and Website Redesign, we also created an e-book, Media Guide and Coaching plan for Laquita. In essence, we designed her coaching business with her from idea to launch.

Real Results

**These are real results from a client’s account over a 28 day period. We create these kinds of results through careful targeting, creating a conversation, using exceptionally designed imagery, and positioning you as the expert in your niche



When Laquita hired us, she was doing Facebook ads but wasn’t seeing a return on her investment. We worked with her to identify her Ideal Customer Avatar. Next, we used Facebook Insights and SEO tools to find where her ICA could be located and what keywords + hashtags would be best for her BRAND.

We were able to see an incredible increase in engagement and growth with a monthly ad spend of just $100.


Our team developed a BRAND content creation plan with Laquita. We directed her video plan and then edited and posted the videos to her YouTube and Facebook Channels.

This has positioned Laquita as an expert, giving her a bigger audience, greater reach and more authority.

We also established an ebook free offer and are constructing a course that will be offered to the people who download the e-book.

Laquita’s plan is to hit the speaking circuit in 2020 and now that she has an authority brand, with the technology to deliver in place, she is in a prime position for major capitalization on her efforts.


We intentionally mapped out an aligned video content calendar to provide exceptional value to Laquita’s growing audience. Laquita recorded the videos and turned them over to our team for Branding, Editing, and Promotion. Her videos look professional, giving her audience confidence that she is a leader in her niche.


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