There are a million things you can be doing with your time, but are they getting you the results you want at the speed you want them? If you’re getting lost in second-guessing, confusion on the right actions, or mind-numbing tech challenges, you’re losing time and potential earnings. Getting clarity and having a coach and team available to help you solve problems quickly is essential to fast results.

I’ve been starting, growing, developing, and consulting with 7-figure businesses since 2002. To me, the path is very clear on how to get what you want. It’s a combination of brand and marketing strategy, focus, and mindset.

Working with you, I’ll help you develop the step-by-step plan to achieve the goals you have in life and business and guide you to maintain the focus and energy to get there.

Everything from organizing, hiring, finance to personal and business goals will be aligned with a strategic plan you can implement to see real results.

Fear, doubt, and confusion will fall away and you’ll be filled with confidence that the actions you are taking are the right steps.

Coaching is a shortcut to success you want, with less effort and stress in the process.

I invite you to schedule a free Coaching Inquiry Call to see if our style of coaching is right for you.

I started Brand Builder Design Studios to handle the online void of great Branding + Marketing studios that focus on the end result: leads + sales.

We’ve been creating obsession worthy brands since 2002…way before the days when Facebook and SnapChat were even a thing. While the online marketing and lead generation space has evolved, one thing has become even more important than ever…


Back in the good ol’ days, all you really had to do was find a good piece of real estate with some traffic driving by, prop up your sign and hang a we’re open sign on the door for people to come on in and buy.

Okay…maybe you had to place an ad in the Yellow Pages too….

Now a-days, your real estate is your social media profiles and website. Your sign is your well-designed graphics and your promotion is summed up to expertly crafted content, customer engagement campaigns, email marketing, SMS marketing and A.I. automations.

Instead of people walking into your business, they now visit your site and join your e-mail list, getting moved through the process to buy with A.I. assisting every step of the way.

Your real estate still has to have a lot of traffic going by but it takes a lot more than just a patched together sign to capture the attention of your would-be, could-be customers.

That’s why developing your Online Image (aka: Brand) is critical to your success online.

​​​​Branding is the total scope of your look, feel, and communication. It’s the visual design and words you use to communicate your core message and product offerings. It's how your potential customers feel about you that influences them to buy.

If you’re not putting energy and creation into your Brand, it’s kind of like putting your building on a dead-end road in the back-woods. It’s not very likely people are going to show up and most likely will end up creeped out and running the other way.

Unfortunately, a lot of "Branding Experts" haven't proven their mettle with their own brands, much less someone else's. And, most of the Do-It-Yourself Brand Resources, like those instant logo makers, don’t spend any time really creating a BRAND STRATEGY that’s going to work.

That's why companies like Cardone Ventures come to us when they need expert help.

With over a decade in online business working in the direct selling space… we’ve got you! We know exactly what you need (and what you don’t) to make a major impact online, stand out, capture attention and conquer your space… all within a budget that any business can afford.

We look forward to helping you create your captivating BRAND STORY.

From Our Clients

Our business wouldn't exist without amazing clients we can help create Obsession-Worthy Brands. Our success is solely measured on the amazing testimonials and referrals we receive. We look forward to getting one from you! Here's what a few of our amazing clients have had to say.


Roni & George Scott, Online Marketing

"The team at Brand Builder Design Studio produce the most amazing outcomes, are totally professional and an absolute delight to work with. Using the assets they have provided, our business is growing exponentially."


Karla Silver, Top Producer Academy

"Brand Builder Design Studios is my go to for any of my design needs. I'm so confident in them I've had them speak at our events & also refer my own students to them."


Elizabeth Sinclair,

The Way To Wealth

"Shannon, John and their fantastic team are amazing! They've helped me with funnels, automations and creative aspects of my brand and business, and make everything much easier."


Yossi Moskowitz

"Working with Shannon and John was a game changer for my business. They have all the expertise and resources that I needed to skyrocket my online business"


The first step is a free consultation so we can learn about your business, your current positioning online, the challenges you have faced, and the goals you want to accomplish. Our team is ready to create some online magic and this first call is the launchpad.

Just in case you're wondering, this is not a sales call, it's an insight call and the goal is to fully understand your business, needs and wants.

To learn more about our pricing and model, click HERE.

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